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The creation of Gothic 3

Behind the scenes - The creation of Gothic 3

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"German voice recordings"
By Kai 'KaiRo' Rosenkranz

Hi folks.

The collage above shows it all to clear: The German voice recordings for Gothic 3 don't just breathe life into the game, it also causes smiles upon the faces of everybody involved. Although great concentration is demanded during the three-week marathon session in Frankfurt, Germany, the voice recordings mark an important moment in the creation of the game: the 'we're almost there'-phase. The mood is accordingly delighted.

Here are some impressions, directly from the recording studio.

- KaiRo -

Approximately 25.000 lines of dialog are being recorded, around 18 hours of mere dialog. 30 actors play the various characters, and of course, the well-established voices of the nameless hero, Xardas, Diego, Gorn, Lester and Milten are in on it.

The image on the right shows Christian Wewerka, the pithy and cool German voice of the nameless hero, delivering his lines. His funniest slip of the tongue (German):

'The book says something about old Maggie.' (WAV)'The book says something about old Maggie.' <i>(WAV)</i>
Of course, the book was actually about old magic.

Thanks to boops like this, the muggy summer heat in the studio becomes much more bearable.
Christian Wewerka

The following photos show Karl-J├╝rgen Sihler warming up for his Orc performance.

Sihler 01 Sihler 02 Sihler 03 Sihler 04

Recording Console

These two screenshots show two of the tools we used for the recording.

The Gothic 3 Recording Console is a proprietary program by Piranha Bytes which displays every dialog line together with its context in the game. It doesn't only help us with keeping track, it also tracks any change we make during the recording (Hey, an Orc would never say 'I needa go for a pee') and modifies the subtitles accordingly.

ProTools by DigiDesign is a professional recording software. Recording engineer Michael Torunsky operates Protools and his sensitive ears detect every single clipping or crackle. The audio tracks will later be edited and cut into individual takes and integrated into the game.

To learn more about the German sound studio M&S, follow this link:
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