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Final Community Patch 1.70 releasedFinal Community Patch 1.70 released [PB] MR
More than two years of development time have gone into it and now it has finally been finished: The Gothic 3 Community Patch Team (aka Knights of the 12th chalice) has released their masterpiece, a huge and comprehensive modification to Gothic 3. Changes are far to numerous to list here, please refer to the team's website below. The package has a size of 880 MB and can be downloaded from their page or here at Media / Download.

Community Patch Team (English) Download via BitTorrent

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods ReleasedGothic 3: Forsaken Gods Released [PB] MR
As of 21st of November Jowood have released Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods (at least in Germany). We of Piranha Bytes have not taken any part in development of the game. Although marketed as an AddOn the game does not require the original Gothic 3 to run.

official Piranha Bytes press release order Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods online (UK)

Gothic 3 mobile game availableGothic 3 mobile game available [PB] MR
Gothic 3: The Beginning - a game for mobile phones set in the Gothic universe, developed by HandyGames has been finished. It is now available and can for example be purchased at Jamba. (see link)

get Gothic 3 mobile game

Gothic 3 - Patch 1.12 OnlineGothic 3 - Patch 1.12 Online [PB] MR
This patch resolves the ambient sound bug as well as several other issues. See changelog for details.

Patch 1.12 Changelog Download Gothic 3 Patch 1.12 (62MB)

Gothic 3 Soundtrack availableGothic 3 Soundtrack available [PB] MR
IMG01 Now available and still in time for Christmas - Gothic 3's phenomenal soundtack. This standalone version contains all original 24 tracks as well as several newly mixed tracks on an audio CD. In addition to that a video DVD is included, featuring a making-of video, 5.1 home cinema mixes of all tracks and a host other extras.

to Gothic 3 Soundtrack Homepage

order online (outside Germany)

Gothic 3 - Patch 1.09 OnlineGothic 3 - Patch 1.09 Online [PB] MR
This patch only addresses an issue that can lead to a crash when saving the game under special system configurations especially after playing for a longer time. No other changes to 1.08 have been made.

Patch 1.09 Changelog Download Gothic 3 Patch 1.09 (62MB)

CD Inlays for JewelcasesCD Inlays for Jewelcases [PB] MR
As we have noted (after release) the DVDs in both Collectors' and Standard Edition of Gothic 3 are bare of any inlays.
Therefore we decided to design and release two PDFs that can be printed at home - or at work, if your boss does not mind - and then be inserted into the jewel cases. One is for the Game DVD, the other for the additional DVD/CD case that contains soundtrack and making-of (present only in the Collector's Edition). Have fun.

get covers (download section)

Gothic 3 available / first Patch availableGothic 3 available / first Patch available [PB] MR
As of today - October 13th - Gothic 3 is available in numerous European countries. Also as promised we have released a first update patch that will fix several small issues.

download patch (60MB)

GOTHIC 3 - Release dates confirmedGOTHIC 3 - Release dates confirmed [PB]KaiRo
IMG02 The release dates for the European language versions have been fixed. The game will hit stores Oktober 13th, 2006 in most European countries. Despite the withdrawn gold master the production of the game could be finished in time and the packages are already on their way to your local game store.

The following release dates have been announced and confirmed by our publisher JoWooD:

UK: 10/13/2006
USA: 11/20/2006
Germany: 10/13/2006
Austria: 10/13/2006
Switzerland: 10/13/2006
France: 10/13/2006
Italy: 10/13/2006
Spain: 10/13/2006
Australia: to be announced
Japan: to be announced

So finally, the long time of waiting is over. We hope you all enjoy the game.

Gothic 3 not 'Gold' - development still in progressGothic 3 not 'Gold' - development still in progress [PB] MR
IMG01 On September 12th we have shipped a Goldmaster version of Gothic 3 for replication. However, due to several problems that got known only afterwards no production has taken place, instead we decided to create another, new goldmaster.
This new master is currently (Sep 21st) still being worked on!
Therefore, no one has had any access to the version that will start selling on October 13th in various European territories.
No testing (by external persons) of this version can have been done. All test results that have been published up to now are based on the scrapped goldmaster or in many cases on even older preview versions.

Gothic 1 - Der FanfilmGothic 1 - Der Fanfilm [PB] MR
Gothic 1 - The fan movie has been released! After several months of hard work TMT Productions managed to condense the storyline of Gothic 1 into a 2:10h (!!) film, now available for download. In addition to numerous scenes from Gothic 1 there are new passages of text spoken by Xardas and the nameless hero and also music from all other Gothic titles. As TMT are German fans, the entire film is German language. Piranha Bytes congratulates TMT!

to download

Ingame Video Introduction to Gothic 3Ingame Video Introduction to Gothic 3 [PB] MR
New video footage, captured directly from the game. Length 5:49, commentary is English language.

Introduction Video (download section)

Gothic 3 presentation on the GC 2006Gothic 3 presentation on the GC 2006 [PB] MR
German #1 fan site World Of Gothic has filmed one of the presentations of Gothic 3 on GC 2006 and put the video up for download. Have fun (German commentary by Kai 'KaiRo' Rosenkranz).

GC 2006 video (download section)

GOTHIC 3 CAMP: Registration period endet, fully booked outGOTHIC 3 CAMP: Registration period endet, fully booked out [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 Today, the registration period for the Gothic 3 Camp during this year's GC in Leipzig ended. Several hundreds of people have attempted to sign in since the online registration was launched. The camp is fully booked out right now. We're absolutely delighted and wish you all a pleasant stay in Leipzig.

To check if your registration was successful, just follow this link:


Gothic 3 – awards and moreGothic 3 – awards and more [JOWOOD]Tamara
Nominated as the Best game of E3 by IGN, Awards granted as Best game of E3 by many international journalists – it seems like the sky's the limit: Now, PC Games readers voted for Gothic 3, calling it the best and most wanted Game of this year's E3. This award is very important for us, as it shows the confidence and the enthusiasm of the community. Conclusion: Thumbs up – the release is getting closer, and soon all of you will be teared into the world of Myrtana...!

GOTHIC 3 CAMP on this year's 'Games Convention'GOTHIC 3 CAMP on this year's 'Games Convention' [PB]KaiRo
Folks, get the tents out of the cellar and prepare yourself for a very special Gothic 3 event: JoWooD and our German distributor Koch Media organize a big Gothic 3 Camp for up to 300 participants. A meadow on the exhibition site will be hired and turned into paradise for Gothic fans, including a medieval market, a Gothic 3 demo tent, a pool and numerous surprises. And all this absolutely for free! For more information check the registration page, just follow the link below. The registration period ends August 7th 2006, we look forward to seeing you.

To the online registration

Gothic 3 at the opening concert of this year's Games ConventionGothic 3 at the opening concert of this year's Games Convention [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 The Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig, Germany's biggest electronic entertainment exhibition, starts with a fabulous event: The opening concert in the Gewandhaus Leipzig on August 23rd, 2006. Music from various games will be performed live by a symphony orchestra. Solo musicians and a choir will contribute to a fantastic musical experience.
The opening concert features two themes from the Gothic 3 soundtrack. Thus, the concert forms a great prelude to the extensive presentation of Gothic 3 on the Games Convention.

For more information on the concert and an online ticket store, follow this link:

Info on the concert (german)

Making of: German voice recordingsMaking of: German voice recordings [PB]KaiRo
There's a new making-of article on the German voice recordings available. Follow this link and peek behind the closed doors of the recording studio.

To the 'behind the scenes' section

Gothic 3 trailer (E3 2006) available for downloadGothic 3 trailer (E3 2006) available for download [PB]KaiRo
A new Gothic 3 trailer video is being shown on a big screen on this year's E3 in Los Angeles and we feel that you should be able to watch it right now, too. It's an absolute must for every fan.

Get the trailer in our 'Media / Download' section

Four new screenshots availableFour new screenshots available [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 Every now and then some adventurer takes a stroll around in the almost-finished world of Gothic 3 and shoots a few pictures. Since we don't want to hide anything away from you, you can find these brand-new screenshots in the gallery. Follow this link:

To the Screenshot gallery

'First look' presentation for the international press'First look' presentation for the international press [PB]KaiRo
During an exceptional 'first look' event in Germany the international press was granted a glimpse at Gothic 3's current state of development. The game was shown to journalists from all over the globe in a medieval setting. The Palais Eschenbach became the venue of thrilling swordfights and bagpipe music before the actual presentation started.

Among other things, producer Michael Paeck introduced the audience into the game's new combat system and the lifelike gaming world.
On top of that, the brand-new day-night-cycles and the weather system were presented to a public audience for the very first time. Beautiful sunsets, dynamic clouds (which shape according to the current weather) and the realistic use of fog during dusk made the journalists just gape. After this successfull event Gothic 3 will most likely be covered in the international press. We surely hope so.

Release date specifiedRelease date specified [PB]MR
Finally the release date for Gothic III has been set. For the German version this will be September 2006, other languages will be available at the same time or follow suit shortly thereafter (depending on country).

Gothic 1 Demo available for downloadGothic 1 Demo available for download [PB]KaiRo
In the course of re-releasing the original Gothic 1 internationally, we have created an English demo version for you. If you haven't played the first adventure of the nameless hero yet or just want to experience it in English, follow this link:

Gothic 1 Demo

Happy New YearHappy New Year [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 The year 2005 comes to an end! We Piranhas look back upon an exciting year which for us was exhausting and thrilling at the same time. Despite all the trouble we had in the past year, the team still works perfectly together with united powers and not the slightest trace of desperation. We have experienced many great moments with you. You have followed the development of Gothic 3 with huge interest and thus supplied each one of us with new ambition and fresh energy. We wish to say thank you to all of you guys, and we're deeply grateful for the wonderful community that you are.
In the coming year we are going to enter the so-called crunch mode, the final spurt, the most demanding stage of the development. With tired looks on our faces and tiny eyes we're going to stare at the screens and face the (numerous) remaining tasks. Especially in this phase your enthusiasm will keep us alive just like strong, black coffee. For us Piranhas, the year 2006 will be the year of Gothic 3 and we're looking forward to all the amazing and overwhelming moments we're going to experience together with you.

The entire team wishes you a happy new year!

Making of: Sascha gives an insight into the creation of the dunesMaking of: Sascha gives an insight into the creation of the dunes [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 Today we have added a new article to the 'Behind the scenes'-section: Sascha Henrichs demonstrates in great detail how he has created the vast dunes for the desert scenery. A small video illustrates the process of the creation of the dunes, so make sure not to miss it.

To the 'behind the scenes'-section

Christmas Competition: Notifications have been sentChristmas Competition: Notifications have been sent [PB]KaiRo
Just to keep you posted: Today we have sent out notifications to all the lucky winners via email, so check your inbox quickly. We're going to publish the winners' names here as soon as all of them have answered the notification email.

Gothic 3 in German television (3SAT / ZDF)Gothic 3 in German television (3SAT / ZDF) [PB]KaiRo
The German TV channel 3SAT has produced an interesting report on the creation of Gothic 3. You can watch the video stream right now on the channel's official website. Just follow the link below and click on Web-TV in the panel on the right. Or if you can receive German television, watch the channel ZDF on thursday, December 8th at 3:15pm German time.

Gothic 3 report by German TV channel 3SAT

Christmas Competition: Rien ne vas plusChristmas Competition: Rien ne vas plus [PB]KaiRo
After four weeks of brooding over our tricky questions, the christmas competition is now over. We're now going to draw the lucky winners and publish them on the competition page in a couple of days. You can find the correct answers there right now, so have a look.

To the competition

Christmas Competition: Fourth and final roundChristmas Competition: Fourth and final round [PB]KaiRo
Today's question opens the final round of our Christmas competition. This last question is a bit tricky again, but once you've taken this hurdle, you have the chance to win the greatest prizes. The team wishes you all good luck!

To the competition

Christmas Competition: Round threeChristmas Competition: Round three [PB]KaiRo
It's wednesday and thus time for a new question. Once again our tricky competition demands all of your Gothic knowledge, since only the perfect Gothic players might remember Alwin. Good luck for the third round!

To the competition

Christmas Competition: Round twoChristmas Competition: Round two [PB]KaiRo
Today starts the second phase of our Christmas competition, und once again you have one week's time to answer our current question. If you have missed or messed up the first question, you should still continue to participate, since there are a lot of nice smaller prizes given away as well to those who have not answered all four questions correctly. Have fun everyone.

To the competition

Christmas Competition 2005 has just startedChristmas Competition 2005 has just started [JOWOOD]Tamara
Christmas Competition 2005 has just started.

Now it’s time for you to show your Gothic-knowledge! The first of four challenges has just started! It’s your turn to answer the first question and draw near to the fantastic prices of the Gothic 3 Christmas Competition.

So as to be able to collect your answers and assign them to you properly, we need you to sign in once with your email-address and password. Thus, you can log in later and continue answering the questions until the competition is over. We promise not to use your email-address for anything other than this competition. You will receive a notification to that address in case you've won, so make sure the address is correct. More information can be found on the login-page.

Follow this link:

To the competition

Gothic 3 Christmas-CompetitionGothic 3 Christmas-Competition [JOWOOD]Tamara
IMG01 After a little break we are poviding regulary news from now on! This time we are starting a great Christmas competition! You will have the unique chance to win the last very much wanted Gothic 3 sweatshirts, JoWooD Games Packages and Gothic 2 Gold versions
signed by the developer. So you should start finding all your knowledge of the Gothic series in the very back of your long term memory – just the best informed will be able to answer the developers cunning questions!

And this is how it works:

We will ask you for 4 weeks (each Wednesday) a question about Gothic. These happy people who will be able to get all the questions answered correctly, will participate in the lottery.

Start: 9th of November 2005
End: 30th of November 2005

All the happy winners will be able to find their very own Gothic gift under the Christmas-tree!

The entire Games Convention press-material online!The entire Games Convention press-material online! [JOWOOD]Stefan
About a month ago many of you got the chance to see Gothic 3 live at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. For all of you who didn’t have the possibility to visit the exciting show we added the entire GC-press-material to the gallery! In addition you will find the original GC artwork and the cool Orc who decorates the current front cover of the GameStar magazine in Germany. As a special extra you will find two exclusive screenshots from the forums.

To the gallery

Making-Of-Bereich: Ralf Marczinczik on character designMaking-Of-Bereich: Ralf Marczinczik on character design [PB]KaiRo
We have added a brand-new article to the making-of-section. Our designer Ralf Marczinczik goes into great detail on the character design process and explains how the Orcs have evolved to their final look. For those of you who like to peek behind the scenes, the making-of-section is a must.

To the 'making of'-section

Gothic 3 Fans stormed into the halls of the Games ConventionGothic 3 Fans stormed into the halls of the Games Convention [JOWOOD]Stefan
During this year’s GC in Leipzig Gothic 3 was revealed and fans got the chance to see it live and test the game! We presented our game in some stage-shows to the excited fans and answered all their questions. Thanks to the attending fancrowd the Gothic 3 presentation was like being on a moviepremier, screaming and excited fans all over the showfloor. We brought some nice goodies such as a high quality Gothic 3 sweater with us, that was our way to say thank you to the fans! Congratulations to all the lucky ones who got a Gothic 3 sweater during the show. Though, we promise there will be more of them on coming Gothic 3 events. You can find impressions from the stage presentations in the gallery.

To the gallery

Life & Death in MyrtanaLife & Death in Myrtana [JOWOOD]Ivan
The world of Myrtana is fascinating - and a cruel place for living. The gathering of hunter and prey is the birth of violence. An orc warrior, fierce and trained after countless battles, finally grabs the scavenger he's been hunting. But even orcs and humans can find themselves in the position of a prey - mortal danger is on the lurk everywhere. So it's not very surprising that the human inhabitants are just as trained and tough as the most frightening creatures.
We have added three new screenshots to the 'gallery'-section.

To the gallery

Soundtrack: First impressions available for downloadSoundtrack: First impressions available for download [PB]KaiRo
IMG01 The Gothic 3 soundtrack is still far away from being finished, but we don't want to hide away some first impressions any longer. In the 'Media/Download' section you can find two live recordings from the recording session with the Bochum Symphony Orchestra. More info on the soundtrack will be revealed soon.


Soundtrack: Recording of the symphony orchestra finishedSoundtrack: Recording of the symphony orchestra finished [PB]KaiRo
Among other things, the soundtrack for Gothic 3 features the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, a respected 60-headed orchestra from Piranha Bytes' birthplace Bochum. The recording session took place July 7th - 9th, and after 18 hours of recording, the very varied background music is in the can. It won't be long until you'll find an extract here on this page.

Making of section launched: The creation of a buildingMaking of section launched: The creation of a building [PB]KaiRo
The brand-new making-of-section grants you a glimpse behind the scenes of Gothic3. Join us backstage and learn how different aspects of the game come to life. Our 3D artist Mario Röske starts with his article on the creation of a residential building in 3D. Click 'Behind the scenes' in the main menu to check it out.

Behind the scenes: Scavenger-Walk-AniBehind the scenes: Scavenger-Walk-Ani [JOWOOD]Ivan
IMG01 Imagine a walking bird with a tail like some reptile, without feathers, without wings - but with a giant peak. Yes we`re talking about scavnegers, because today we present you the latest running animation of our "freak bird" in Gothic 3. Many thanks to www.worldofgothic.com for hosting the video.

Behind the scenes: Scavenger-Walk-Ani

The complete E3 press material at your disposalThe complete E3 press material at your disposal [JOWOOD]Stefan
Three full weeks are gone since the most fantastic and exciting gaming exhibition and the memories of even the best impressions of E3 2005 are fading slowly and life is going back to normal. But not for us! For those who didn’t make it to the E3 we offer all the E3 material including screenshots and artwork.

To the gallery

Happy birthday, World of Gothic!Happy birthday, World of Gothic! [JOWOOD]Ivan
JoWooD Productions and Piranha Bytes are celebrating the worlds largest Gothic fan site - www.worldofgothic.com has passed five successful years of intense fan support, discussion and promotion. The editors and technical staff of WoG have deserved not only praise, but also a gift – and JoWooD´s gift is here:

Gothic E3 Trailer, exclusive @ World of Gothic

Improve your Desktop - with Gothic 3!Improve your Desktop - with Gothic 3! [JOWOOD]Ivan
IMG01 Take a look at the new wallpapers available - here you can find what a true RPG hero needs to decorate his desktop. Choose the mighty Xardas or the straight & narrow official Gothic 3 logo: Your desktop, your choice!

'Media / download'-secion

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A trader on the marketplace is selling Gothic 3 T-Shirts (displayed below) and many other Gothic-products for little money.


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